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Display Tables, branded up and perfect for exhibitions and events


We produce a range of display tables, perfect for sampling campaigns or for exhibitions and events.


Branded tables can be created to simply communicate your brand or logo, or they can be designed to look like something else using graphics. Perhaps you need a table to look like a beehive, or a sampling table to look like an oven. We’ll design and produce a wrap to go over the table, either using stretch fabric, film, paper or Corflute.


We have a number of customers that have purchased the tables and come to us for new skins each month, changing their messaging regularly for various clients.


A table becomes more than a top and 4 legs when you let your imagination run wild. Talk to us about what we can do!


Lets' Talk

We work with some of the most innovative
& well known New Zealand businesses
to bring their visions to life on fabric.

More than just a table, look at what can be achieved with
a little imagination and a lot of experience

branded display table for Pascall

Pascall Display Table

branded display table for Tefal

Tefal Display Table

promo table for gen-i

Gen-i Display Table

NZ breakers printed display table

Breakers Display Table

Maxwell display table printed with Logo

Maxwell Display Table

Maxwell display table printed with Logo

Wild Ferns Display Tables

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