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Hanging graphics & signs, that are sure to get you noticed.


Need to get your message up high? Then we have several solutions that may help.



Alternatively choose our hanging flags and banners that hang down from the ceiling and create a message focal point. Create your own design and don’t be restricted by shape or size – we can produce to your bespoke requirements.


Our Ceiling Banners deliver vibrant fabric graphics stretched over a lightweight aluminium frame. Available in a round, quad or triangular shape and weighing less than 15kg.


The graphic is printed on a robust fabric and wraps around the outside of the frame like a pillow case, using zips to tighten. The fabric pulls tight so as to create a smooth, stylish, wrinkle-free finish.


Lets' Talk

We work with some of the most innovative
& well known New Zealand businesses
to bring their visions to life on fabric.

These clients were happy to see
their designs hung from the ceiling

K&K hanging Banner

Westfield Hanging Banner

hanging signs & graphics

Retail Hanging Graphic

barkers hanging sign

Mentos Hanging Graphics

Countdown hanging Banner

Countdown Hanging Banner

hanging signs & graphics

Diet Coke Hanging Graphic

Eagle Pond hanging sign

Eagle Pond Hanging Graphics

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