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Larger than life printing grabs attention.


With our experience in fabric printing, it stands to reason that we would also print huge outdoor fabric graphics, wraps and facades


Building Graphics

Our outdoor wraps are printed on either fabric or reinforced vinyl depending on how durable they need to be. We produce complete branded building wraps, fence wraps and also crowd barriers to any size you require.


Fence Wraps & Scrim

Our fabric mesh wraps and scrim feature a stretch fabric, designed not to tear, and offering contractors a debris rating. In other words building debris is kept within the fabric posing no threat to the general pubic outside. Each wrap is made up of tiny holes that let light through and enable those on the inside to see out, but stopping those on the outside seeing in.


Using our in-house Dye Sub printing techniques we can create vibrant graphics across an 1800mm high mesh fabric roll.


Outdoor wraps are perfect for keeping your construction under wraps, for raising awareness of new real estate or for creating outdoor branding opportunities for companies.


Turn even the most unexpected places into media opportunities with our outdoor wraps.


Fabric Billboards

Use our fabric billboards to create impact and get your message across. Choose from a semi-permanent framed billboard option or a more portable pop-up billboard.


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We work with some of the most innovative
& well known New Zealand businesses
to bring their visions to life on fabric.

Create unique large scale media opportunities outdoors

Fence Wrap

portable billboard

Russian Vodka Portable Billboard

outdoor crowd barriers

Outdoor Crowd Barriers

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