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Dye Sub Fabric

Dye sublimated printing ensures impact and long lasting graphics – accept nothing else.

We’re specialists in dye sublimated printing. It’s a complex process which injects dye right into to the fabric to create a finished solution that is vibrant and long lasting. Scroll down to understand more about the process.


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Vibrant, long-lasting colour printed right into the fabric

fabric tension structures


fabric tension structures


roll to roll heat press used in dye sublimation printing process


Roll to roll heat press

The Science of Dye Sublimation Printing Explained

Dye-Sublimation is often misunderstood. A quick search on the internet using sublimation as a keyword will return 1000’s of pages which normally relate to high quality, dye sub proofing printers. These do not constitute the large format dye-sublimation printing available at Colour Box. We are not printers of mugs, t-shirts etc. We can transfer with dye-sublimation techniques onto a big range of fabrics for point-of-sale and exhibition displays, interior design, and hard surfaces for architectural purposes.


To begin to understand “dye-sublimation” we first need to understand 3 key words.

  1. Dye – to impregnate colour into a material
  1. Sublimation – a change directly from a solid to a Gaseous state without becoming a liquid
  1. Polymer – consisting of large molecules made up of a linked series of repeated simple molecules

The term dye sublimation can be simply defined by the sentence – solid dye particles being turned into gas using heat and pressure, which bonds with any polymers present and then changes back into a solid.


In simple terms this equates to putting sublimation ink on paper and applying heat and pressure to transfer an image onto a fabric or flat sheet of some hard material. Today you will find the dye sublimation term primarily used in the digital printing arena although historically other more traditional printing processes have been used.


Colour Box in New Zealand deliver dye sublimation technology as a process to image onto fabric, film, and metals.

Dye Sub Printing  – An environmentally friendly choice

This process is a true environmentally friendly solution. There are no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) in Dye Sub printing, as often associated with solvent printing.


The inks are water-based, the paper is recyclable, and all metals printed on to are recyclable.


What we can print onto

Polyester Fabrics: Satins, Knits, Chiffons, Voiles, Lycra, Sportswear


Metals: Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel


Films: White Gloss, Clear, Backlits, Reflective,


Flooring: Floor Canvas 3mm tile, Autex Workstation, Rubber Backed Mats


Polycarbonate: Clear, White


Note: The metals and films are specialist products we import from Japan.  We have had success with coating supplied metal products as well to enable sublimation printing to take place.


Dye-sublimation is a sub-surface print technology so there is no chance of damaging the printed surface unlike most traditional printing methods, which require extra protection such as laminates.


A few benefits

Through our Dye Sub printing process we can offer

– outdoor solutions

– environmentally friendly printing solutions

– anti-graffiti solutions

– outstanding print quality

– scratch and solvent resistant (metal/film) solutions

– New Zealand made solutions

flatbed heat press

Flatbed heat press

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