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Fabric Tension Walls, easy to erect and cost effective to print.

These fabric display walls are perfect for a quick installation that needs a premium look and feel. We have several options, including curved walls, corner options and even various sizes.


They are ideally suited to being used as Media Walls, as an interview backdrop for television, because there is no reflection off the fabric.


These wall offer a modular solution with interconnecting fabric elements. The large graphic image is stretched over the framing with a push fit lcoking mechanism or simply stretched over and then zipped tight.


Print multiple graphics with different messaging and simply affix to the frame as needed.


For infrequent use, such as an exhibition, trade show or one off event talk to us about hiring the stand and saving money by purchasing the graphic only.


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See how effective and impactful our media walls can be

fabric media walls

vinotopia display

fabric media walls

BCITO display

fabric tension walls

BCITO display

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