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Last season the Skycity Breakers had a hard time of it, with plenty of injury troubles that saw them struggle at times. Despite winning their last two games of the regular season, they fell short of a playoff spot, with their 14–14 record earning them fifth place on the ladder.

The 2017/18 season has just started and all of us at Colourbox will continue to track their fortunes closely. Why? Because we, and our sister companies, help the Breakers to manage their professional ‘game day’ look. The Breakers playSEE DETAILS


Here we sit on a rapidly changing planet. It’s no longer simply trendy to be eco-friendly, it’s imperative. We owe it to our children, and their children, to live by sustainable principles now.


At Colourbox we place a great deal of importance on the sustainability of the products and processes we use and sell. We feel it’s up to every business and individual to take responsibility for being environmentally friendly. We’re delighted that so many of our clients are starting conversations with us about the sustainable nature of ourSEE DETAILS